Last Day in Canada …


Friday, October 28, 2005 by Nandu

Tomorrow will be my last day in Canada.

I would be taking back with me some good memories to cherish for ever. Thanks to Greg, Sergey, Danny Ong from IBM; Jourgan, Dale from SNC; Lorraine, Joanne, Karen, Uwe, Theresa, Elena, Neil, Joe and the other staff for being so cooperative.

Thanks to Atreyee, Avijit, Himanshu, Rahul, Parimal too.

And and and.. My offshore team [I would be a part of it again] – Thanks Guys.

Alina’s name would be worth mentioning.

Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween.

Thanks once again and India, Here I come :).

2 thoughts on “Last Day in Canada …

  1. Deepu says:

    Hey…Nandu I see your blog title changed from ‘nAnDu’S bLoG’ to ‘iSn’T LiFe CoMpLeX ‘. How come all of a sudden life got complex with you?!

    And yes Life is indeed complex!

    Anyways…welcome back to India. Hope MDS ppl wud leave some chocs for me too :-(.

  2. Deepu says:

    You remember Arthi and I how we used to stock chocs…hope she does that for me now ;-)…

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