Data One – Broadband connection

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 by Nandu

I applied for the DataOne Broadband connection from BSNL on 12-Nov-2005, Saturday. I still remember that day. First I went to the customer service office for the North zone. I had to fill and submit a form, then they asked me to go to the local exchange and pay for the ADSL modem [I preferred to purchase a modem rather than renting one], after paying a sum of Rs. 1248, I was asked to again go back to the customer service office and submit the receit.

I had plans of getting all the paperwork on that day as I would be busy on the weekdays and would have no time to run around those offices. When I reached the customer service office, I came to know that the last work order issued is still not processed and they cannot issue a new workorder until the previous workorder is complete [shit], that meant go back to the local exchange, get the previous work order done.

I went back home, got the required documents required by the local exchange and got the work order processed, believe me it was 1 minute job that took 1 YEAR. [Damn]

I was told that I would be getting the connection in a week. I hope I get that connection today. [For some reason I am being very optimistic here coz my friend told me that he got the connection after 1 month].

Lets wait and watch.

By the way, one can get more information on Dataone here.

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