Menace on Yahoo! Messenger – Phising


Wednesday, June 7, 2006 by Nandu

Since couple of days I have been getting messages from my friends to visit some links on geocities for their vacation photos. To be specific I got two such messages from two of my friends [which now I know they did not send].

When you click on the link it opens a page in geocities and requests for entering username and password, enter the username and password :(, its better you forget that you ever had that account on your name [unless you remember all the valid information like the country, pin code, date of birth that you provided while opening the account].

One of my friend fell prey to it and now he is forced to open a new account as he is not able to get into his account.

Phising as it is technically called, where in your identity gets stolen.

As I mentioned earlier I got two such messages, both were offline messages and that the reason I do not remember the links, but they were for sure in geocities and related to vacation photos [something like check my vacation pictures at www dot geocities dot spash my_vacation_pictures and www dot geocities dot slash view_pictures_of_my_vacation].

When I clicked on the first link, it said the page could not be found and I did not enquire much about this with my friend and for second message, when I clicked on the link, the page requested to enter username and password [this page included pictures of geocities and yahoo], since I am very lethargic to enter username and password in any site every now and then, I rather closed the page. But this time my laziness saved me from being prey to a dirty prank. So Guys, be Warned!!!

If you get any such link from your friend and are really curious to view your friend’s photos, its better you confirm the same from the person from whom you got such message.

If such messages are being sent from your identity, it is recommended that you scan your system for virus as this cud be an activity due to a Virus / a worm.

Best deal would be not to give out password until and unless you are confident about the site you are entering your credentials [just don’t go by the URL in the address bar, that can be spoofed as well]

Till then Happy Chatting 🙂

Update: Recently few of my friends received links that pointing to jpeg images. The link was for some site called coolpics dot com. If someone clicks on this link, it tries to open a jpeg and this jpeg is infects the machine.

My friend’s machine was infected by the virus and I tried to help / rather find what virus was infecting. I tried to access the link in my machine, however my Anti Virus program [Inoculate IT] was clever enough to block it [You’re clever buddy]. However I could figure out that it was a Trojan Horse. Ummmm… I don’t remember the name now as its a different machine I tried all this on. Will try to remember to update the name here sometime.

Beware of the actions you perform while connected to the Internet, its wild out there.


One thought on “Menace on Yahoo! Messenger – Phising

  1. Gautham says:

    Even I had got one such link.And it re directed me to some yahoo photo click page which was in Japanese Language.So guys beware of such offline messages on Yahoo.

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