Places I have been in US

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Friday, November 10, 2006 by Nandu

Just thought of making a list of places I’ve already been (ummm already forgot some of them, let me remember): Trying to add in the same order I visited.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Redmond, Seattle
Atlanta, Georgia
Hartford, Connecticut
New London, Connecticut
Groton, Connecticut
New Port, Rhode Island
Block Island, Rhode Island
Boston, Massachusetts [Didn’t get right in the first attempt :(]
Westerly Beach, Road Island
New York, New York
New Jersey, New York
Dulles, DoC
Las Vegas, Nevada
San Diego, California
Los Angeles, California
Sacramento, California
San Francisco, California
Fremont, California
Providence, Rhode Island
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas

[Did I go anywhere else … Will try and update this list, its easier to remember this way ;)]

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