Mungaru Maleye Lyrics…


Sunday, February 4, 2007 by Nandu

I heard a Kannada song from the movie ‘Mungaru Male’ and it seems this is yet another Kannada song I like. There are quiet a few reasons .. may be as it is sung by Sonu Nigam, or may be as the music is good or may be the music or may be combination of all.

I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t believe I would see it, however the songs seems to be good. Here goes the lyrics of the song Mungaru Maleye… the title song.

Mungaru Maleye,Yenu ninna Hanigala Leele
Ninna Mugila Saale, Dhareya Korala Premada Maale
Suriva Olume Aajadi Malege, Preeti Moodide
Yaava Chippinalli, Yaava Haniyu Muttaguvudo
Olavu Yelli Kudiyoduvudo, Tiliyadagide
Mungaru Maleye, Yenu Ninna Hanigala Leele

Bhuvi Kenne Tumba, Mugilu Surida Muttina Gurutu
Nanna Yedeya Tumba, Avalu Banda Heggeya Gurutu
Hegge Gegge Aa Savi Saddu, Premanadavoo
Yede Mugilinalli, Rangu challi Nintalu Avalu
Baredu Hesaru Kamanabillu, Yenu Modeyoo
Mungaru Maleye, Yenu Ninna Hanigala Leele

Yava Hanigalinda, Yava Nelavu Hasiraguvudo
Yaara Sparshadindaa, Yara Manavu Hasivaguvudo..
Yara Usirali Yara Hesaro YaruBaredaro
Yava Preeti Huvu, Yara Hrudayadalli Ararluvudo
Yaara Prema Poojege Mudipo, Yaru Balloro
Mungaru Maleye, Yenu ninna Hanigala Leele

Olava Chandamama Naguta Banda Manadangalake
Preeti Belakinalli, Hrudaya Horatide Meravanige
Avala Prema Doorinakadege, Preeti Payanavoo
Pranaya Doorinalli, Kaledu Hogo Sukava Indu
Dhanyanaade Padedukondu Hosa Janmavoo
Mungaru Maleye, Yenu ninna Hanigala Leele

Yede Goodinalli, Sudutiruvudeko Himse
Sudo Samayadalli Preetigilla Yava Rakshe
Saaku Saaku Satva Pareekse Paapi Kaalave
Vidhi Bareda Saalu Nanna Paalegaduve  Golu
Aadi Badalu Anthyave Modalu, Ohh Volave

17 thoughts on “Mungaru Maleye Lyrics…

  1. rona says:

    Hello can you post the lyrics for kunidhu kunidhu from the same movie?

  2. Sanju says:

    I have fallen for this song…could someone please upload the video…

  3. vish says:

    thank you somuch for this lyrics…

  4. RimJhim_VaRsHa says:

    Here goes the video of tht song … enjoy n take care

  5. SushilKumar Shetty says:

    Plz i Need ur help, as i don’t know 2 read & write in Kannada but i can understand it little bit.I have fall in love with a Girl who has done her education in Kannada & she is Well-versed in it.I try my level best 2 impress her by humming some of kannada songs but it goes all in vain,since she knows that i am not as Well-versed in Kannada.Now,due 2 some misunderstandings, she prefers 2 stay away from me.So, I just wanted some kannada songs with its Translation 2 patch up our relationship.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP ME !!

  6. Arvind narayan says:


    Lyrics,wow its amezing… have Valavina Udugore kodalenu lyrics from Ne bareda kadambari?

    Thank you.

  7. Peeyush says:

    Can anybody post the lyrics of Oh Gunavantha from the movie Jothe Jotheyali…this is my one of fav song in Kannada, i always try to hum this song. i heard this song 6 r 7 times in a single day. but i could not get the exact lyrics of song. may be becoz of i dont know kannada ………..
    but i want to know. its very sweet……….

  8. GV says: there anyway i can download this movie from da net?if yes then from where? i could only get da songs but not da movie! have watched da movie..very effective..feel like watchin it again… infact very eager to watch it again..


  9. Ajmera says:

    can u please send me the translation of this song in hindi….i cant speak n write n read kannada, but i just like this song very much…so please send me the translation in hindi…

  10. Ponson says:

    Thank you. nice lyrics… nice music… perfect

  11. prashi007 says:

    what shall i say..The lyrics is simply amazing and this Sonu has given a life to this lyrics

  12. anonymous says:

    Well..It’s perfect blend of music and lyrics..i can’t spend a day without hearing this song atleast once..

  13. milind says:


    this is lovely songs but give me this translation of song pls

  14. pratik says:

    hey my gf love this song very much
    and i also love the feeling and music of this song
    but as i dont know kannada language, i cant understand the meanning of this lyrics. can anyone email me the hindi meaning.plz
    my id is

  15. shwetha says:

    HI,i love ganesh and i like his movie very and this is my favorite song and i love him so much

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