Google Chrome – New Browser


Wednesday, September 3, 2008 by Nandu

Today I downloaded the Google’s new Internet Borwser – Google Chrome

Few features that I already like about this:

– No Window Title bar

– The Toobar is compact – Just Forward/Back buttons, Refresh, Add to Fav, (Home button is optional and can be added using the Options)

– Tabs can be moved around with cool sliding animation effect.

– Tabs can be rearranged (a translucent image of window appearns while it is pulled out )

– Tab can be pulled out and it appears in a different Window

– Incognito Window: Does store the browser history.
– Compact Options and Settings 

– The page Source is visible (Ctrl+U) in a new tab and the source is color code and formatted with line number. Even IE8 has come up this feature compared to opening the source in Notepad in the previous versions.

– Text box with the focus has a orange outer glow. Looks cool.

– Task Manager (Shows stats for all the tabs grouped by the domain name). Also had a link “Stats for nerds” that shows the details in a tab window.

Each tab seem to bu running a different process, doesn’t looks like its lighter than Firefox or Flock.

– For Developers there are features like Javascript Console. This show the script errors, Firebug kind of element highlighting, CSS details. This also has a Resource tab that shows all the resources used by the page and I guess it also shows at what point of time each resource was loaded too (not too sure on that). Each Resource can be individually viewed. I found a bug in this one though. When I maximed tis window, the elements din’t fill up the screen and left a blank space.

Hopefully this gets fixed in the next release.

There were things I din’t like about this:

– I kept receiving the following quiet often (may be could have been issues with my Internet).

Some more feature that I would want to see would be:

– Theme
– Add Ons
– Download Manage should open up as it does it Firefox rather than in a tab.

If you’d like to try this out here’s the link again Google Chrome.

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